The Melanoma & the Microbiome Workshop

The Melanoma & the Microbiome Workshop

We’re excited to share highlights from The Melanoma & the Microbiome Workshop organized by Seerave in collaboration with the Melanoma Research Alliance, which took place in Washington DC on March 10-11, 2023!

The workshop brought together 45 key opinion leaders to shape the future of clinical translation of microbiome research for melanoma care/treatment.

The Mechanisms Session on Friday March 10th featured three insightful discussions led by renowned experts in the field: Innate and adaptive Immunity led by Kathy McCoy (UCalgary) and Marcel van den Brink (MSCC), Omics and inflammation led by Giorgio Trinchieri (NCI) and Guido Kroemer (IGR), and Intratumoral bacteria and tertiary lymphoid organs led by Laurence Zitvogel (IGR) and Ze’ev Ronai (SBP Medical Discovery Institute).

The Therapeutic Modalities Session on Saturday March 11th featured two more in-depth discussions led by Bertrand Routy (CR CHUM) and Jennifer McQuade (MD Anderson) on Nutritional Interventions and Hassane Zarour (UPMC) and Howard Hang (Scripps) on Microbial therapy of cancer: LBP, Consortia, FMT.

The outcome of the meeting will be a consensus paper published in #Cancer Cell, which will lay out the path to move novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches arising from this field towards patients as quickly as possible.

We want to thank all attendees and our co-organizers MRA for making this event such a success and for their dedication to advancing melanoma care and treatment!

Stay tuned for more updates on the impact of this workshop on the field of microbiome research.

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