New collaboration established with the Cancer Platform

New collaboration established with the Cancer Platform

Seerave Foundation is excited to announce that we have engaged in another significant global initiative: The Cancer Platform, designed and delivered by The Cancer Awareness Trust.

When health care systems are under ever more pressure, we strongly believe that well informed, pro-active patients can contribute significantly towards an effective and personalised treatment journey by enabling a more holistic dialogue with their oncologists. The Cancer Awareness Trusts’ platform will be crucial in enabling this dialogue by ensuring relevant and validated information is available to patients and their families.The Cancer Platform aims to provide free resources to support individuals affected by cancer at any stage of their journey, globally. It’s a unique initiative aimed at quickly connecting people with trusted expert information, equipping and empowering them throughout their cancer journey.

Seerave is particularly enthusiastic about this project due to its focus on patient empowerment and the utilization of existing health data.

Stay tuned for more in depth updates about this partnership as we continue our efforts to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected with cancer.

If you want to learn more, please feel free to read the news article released by The Cancer Platform.

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