The Invisible Extinction – Amsterdam Screening

The Invisible Extinction – Amsterdam Screening

As part of this year’s Seerave Scientific Retreat, we had the privilege of hosting the Dutch premiere of the award-winning documentary “The Invisible Extinction” on Tuesday, May 23rd, at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam.

The film brings to light the remarkable work and charismatic personas of scientists Martin Blaser and Gloria Dominguez-Bello, who are dedicated to preserving the disappearing microbes crucial for our survival. The screening drew a very diverse audience, providing a glimpse into the scientific journey spanning several years.

Following the screening, a panel discussion with Seerave Scientists addressed any remaining questions from the audience. The event concluded with a delightful, fermented, and gut-friendly aperitif.

For a concise glimpse of the event, please watch the summarized clip:


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