Happy #WorldMicrobiomeDay 2021! 🎉

Happy #WorldMicrobiomeDay 2021! 🎉

On World Microbiome Day we celebrate all things microbial, all around the world.

Today we would like to raise special attention to one of our initiatives: The collaboration between MyFoodRepo @EPFL and Microsetta @UCSD. Together they aim to roll out a US-wide citizen science project aiming to collect as much information as possible on everyday food items we consume. This information will help to train an algorithm that enables researchers in the future to better track nutrition and give more profound insights. Therefore…

We ask all of you to contribute to the microbe revolution: the “FoodRepo Scan” app is a new way #CitizenScientists can help advance the understanding between diet & microbes! Download the app on iOS or Android and start adding barcodes and images of food items you have at home or encounter in any store. The data will then become publicly available on FoodRepo. This will create a hugely valuable dataset, available to anyone in the world, with which research into nutrition and health will be accelerated. For example, it will serve as a nutritional library for the MyFoodRepo platform, a new AI-assisted tool that allows tracking of high dimensional nutritional data during clinical studies. Become part of tomorrow’s science today!

The collaboration between Microsetta and the Digital Epidemiology team at EPFL is made possible thanks to the support from the Seerave Foundation for nutrition and microbiome research @Seerave Foundation; please see http://www.seerave.org/projects for more details.

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