Funder Impact Roundtable

Funder Impact Roundtable

“Collaboration is the dominant force of evolution” (Roy Steiner, Rockefeller Foundation)

Looking back at an insightful event: “Unlocking Knowledge on Food for Sustainability & Health: A Funder Impact Roundtable”, we are excited to share a brief overview and thank all guests that attended to the jointly organized event of Fourfold and Seerave Foundation on Thursday, 22 February 2024 close to Zürich, Switzerland. As visible from the amazing graphic recording, it was an afternoon of fruitful discussions, networking and explorations on innovations in food knowledge and quality, and their profound implications for human and planetary health.

From thought-provoking presentations to interactive discussions and networking, the event started with a keynote by Roy Steiner, Rockefeller on the Periodic Table of Food Initiative  and how it is driving solutions to pressing food system challenges. According to Roy, Food is at the center of society’s greatest challenges and opportunities and it is the task of Philanthropy to play a significant role in this field. “Philanthropy needs to be catalytic and take the risk the market doesn’t want to take.”

The keynote was followed by interactive discussions revealing the challenges within the food system from the lack of education, overflow of misinformation, traditions to convenience that all influences consumer decisions and beyond. Selena Ahmed, Global Director of PTFI introduced the FoodEdu Program; Lucas Grob and Sandra Sulser shared the approach on how Swiss Food Research is evening the path for experimental and risky innovation and finally Nicholas Bukolich shared the latest finding of his research, with a particular focus on fermented foods in collaboration with PTFI, as well his work at the Microbiota Vault.

We are very grateful to all attendees and the dynamic and open atmosphere that gives hope to exciting times ahead. Thanks to Seedling Foundation, Mercator, Sight and Life Foundation, AVINA Stiftung, Climate Leadership Institute, ETHZ Foundation, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Fondation Jumpstart Amaea, Swiss Food Research, American Heart Association,CIAT, Biodiversity International, Rockefeller Foundation, Filippo from Sketchy Solutions and our great collaboration partner: Fourfold.

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