The Microbiota Vault is being launched in Switzerland

The Microbiota Vault is being launched in Switzerland

In 2018, Seerave embarked on the vision of Martin Blaser and Gloria-Maria Dominguez-Bello aiming to establish “The Microbiota Vault” – an initiative examining the potential of setting up a global repository of human microbiota. This repository, a “Noah’s Ark for microbes” would focus on the preservation of the current global diversity of the human microbiota, on backing-up global research collections and to further explore the role of the microbiome in health and disease. The launch of this important project was only possible thanks to philanthropic co-impact including Gebert Rüf Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation joining forces.

We hope others will join in as well!

For our German-speaking network: please have a look at the recent NZZ article for more in depth reporting.

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