Seerave Retreat 2023

Seerave Retreat 2023

Some time has passed, and we’re excited to share retrospective insights from this year’s Seerave Retreat in Amsterdam. This year’s retreat was focused on translating our gathered evidence into practical clinical impact, in addition to discussing our ongoing projects.

Many Seerave projects, spanning three years or more, have resulted in numerous high-impact journal publications, particularly concerning the diet-microbiome-immune axis in cancer. This prompts the vital question: how can we effectively translate these network findings into actionable patient outcomes?

In addition to engaging scientific and translational discussions, we had the pleasure of exploring the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Activities included a boat tour along Amsterdam’s rivers, an international vegan culinary night, a screening of the Seerave-supported documentary “The Invisible Extinction” at NEMO Science Museum, and our annual city tour, offering insights ranging from Dutch cheese to navigating Amsterdam’s bustling bike paths.

To get a better feel for the experience, please take a look for yourself:


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