Which criteria does the Seerave Foundation use in determining what to support and how?

When we consider what to support, we look for new ideas and talented people aiming to further establish the evidence and translation around the nutrition – microbiome – metabolites – immune-system cancer axis, with a specific focus on melanoma, while we consider other cancer cases, that might help us to further establish the rationale for melanoma.

Some specific criteria we have used to achieve our goals include:

  • We are looking out for a strong relation to our scientific axis
  • We support the entire value chain: from biomarker discovery, to translation into diagnostics and therapeutics and ultimately clinical implementation.
  • While we appreciate mechanistic work, we always aim for translation and patient impact, which guides our decision-making process for funding.
  • We aim for synergetic effects of our projects and always keep in mind future potential of pooling data or exchanging skills and knowledge.
  • Seerave encourages their projects to opt for open science principles including data sharing, transparency and accessibility of knowledge.

As strong believers in science, Seerave is in close contact with the academic teams and entrepreneurs. We consider ourselves as an active partner of the projects we support and apart from financial means, we like to contribute our own experience and network to accelerate impact.

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