Lack of real-time health data

The problem

Lack of real-time health data

Wearable biosensors are of substantial interest to the clinical research community due to their potential to provide continuous, real-time physiological information via dynamic, minimally invasive measurements of biomarkers in biofluids. However, as opposed to the continuous measurement of glucose, the continuous measurement of protein biomarkers comes with significant additional hurdles such as their low concentration and the difficulty of performing repeated immunoassays on a sensor placed on-body.

Lab-on-Skin™ Technology

The solution

Lab-on-Skin™ Technology

Xsensio develops the unique Lab-on-Skin™​ sensing platform to sense in real-time biochemical information at the surface of the skin, providing unprecedented real-time information about our health and wellness, in a simple and non-invasive way.

The Xsensio Lab-on-Skin™ sensing chip relies on a unique, highly-miniaturized sensing platform. By leveraging semiconductor properties, our sensing platform unleashes a whole new set of possibilities in continuous health monitoring.

  • Real time data
    Real time data

    Xsensio's platform delivers real-time biochemical information at the surface of the skin

  • Multiple biomarkers
    Multiple biomarkers

    Multiple biomarkers: Xsensio is developing a tool for the on-body measurement of hormones and proteins

  • Multiple biofluids
    Multiple biofluids

    Minimally-invasive: Xsensio continuously monitors biomarkers in the interstitial fluid

The progress

Achieved milestones

The Team

Experience combined with innovative minds

Esmeralda Megally

CEO & Co-founder

Esmeralda is the CEO of Xsensio, a company she co-founded a few years ago. Prior to Xsensio, she had several years of experience as manager at Boston-based investment firm Commons Capital where she was in charge of screening investment opportunities in a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She earned her MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a B.S. and M.S. in Economics from ULB, Belgium and an executive degree in management from EPFL.

Adrian Ionescu

Co-founder and CSO

Adrian is a co-founder of Xsensio, and its CSO. He is also a full Professor at EPFL, where he leads the Nanolab. He received his Ph.D. degree from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble in France, and has held staff and/or visiting positions at LETI-CEA and LPCS-ENSER in Grenoble, at Stanford University, and at Tokyo Tech. He has published more than 350 articles in international journals and conference.

Ron Gill

Director of Biosensing

Ron is the CTO of Xsensio, where he leads the development of the company’s proprietary Lab-on-Skin™ sensing platform. He holds a PhD in Chemistry, B.Sc in Materials Engineering and a B.A. in Physics. Before joining Xsensio, he spent several years developing novel biosensing concepts as an assistant professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands and then moved to industry and worked as the CTO of the Dutch start up Biovolt BV, where he was managing the technology development of diagnostics assays for metabolic syndrome related health issues.
Xsensio SA is a swiss start-up that develops innovative wearable systems that continuously monitor our physiological state to detect risks in real-time.

Hervé Elettro

Hervé is the Head of Microfluidics of Xsensio. He leads the development of innovative solutions for the collection and transport of novel biofluids for the Lab-on-SkinTM sensing platform.
After a MSc in Physics at ENS Ulm, he earned a PhD in fluid-structure interactions from Sorbonne Université. Before joining Xsensio, Hervé obtained several grants to join international research groups in Santiago de Chile and EPFL, where he unraveled new fundamental knowledge in 2D materials and microfluidics.
Xsensio SA is a swiss start-up that develops innovative wearable systems that continuously monitor our physiological state to detect risks in real-time.

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