Patients access to verified information

The problem

Patients access to verified information

In the face of increasing strain on healthcare systems, we recognize the challenge of empowering well-informed, proactive patients. These patients can play a crucial role in improving their treatment journey, fostering a comprehensive conversation with their oncologists, ultimately leading to more effective and personalized care. Enabling a more holistic dialogue with their oncologists is paramount. The Cancer Awareness Trust’s platform is poised to be a game-changer, serving as the cornerstone for this essential dialogue by ensuring that patients and their families have access to pertinent and verified information.

The solution

Transformational information platform for ever every cancer journey

The Cancer Platform, a global initiative by the Cancer Awareness Trust, is committed to providing free resources to support individuals affected by cancer, regardless of where they are in their journey. This groundbreaking platform represents a unique solution, designed to rapidly connect people with reliable expert information, ultimately equipping and empowering them throughout their treatment process. This tech-driven, non-commercial endeavor aims to make trusted information, services, and products easily accessible from cancer prevention to end-of-life care, to ultimately transform cancer outcomes.

The first phase of the platform, a searchable database of trusted resources, is set to launch in late 2023, with plans to leverage AI and other tools for increasingly specific and measurable improvements in cancer care and quality of life.

The progress

Achieved milestones

Theoretical feasibility
Launch Phase
Growth Phase
is currently at this stage

The team

The Pioneers behind the Cancer Platform

Prof. Sir Chris Evans


Professor Sir Chris Evans is one of the world's leading biotech entrepreneurs, a scientist and family man, who has spent 36+ years at the forefront of his trade, turning scientific discoveries into products and services that have directly benefited the lives of people around the world.

Tony Colville

Managing Director

Tony Colville brings almost two decades of experience working in the US and across Europe in structuring social enterprises, social investment, developing charities and philanthropic organisations to deliver on translational and measurable outcomes for their founders. An expert in governance, strategies for social impact and philanthropy, he currently leads on the philanthropic activities of Professor Sir Chris Evans through development of a global first in the Cancer Platform.