Difficulty of monitoring quality parameters

The problem

Difficulty of monitoring quality parameters

One crucial type of instrument for drug R&D are tools to measure biomolecular interaction, helping researchers to understand the efficacy of substances that have potential for use as novel drugs. The current systems used in the industry are often larger than fridges, complex to use, and cost up to several hundred thousand GBP upfront and each time they are operated. As a result, even in large pharmaceutical companies they are shared between multiple users, while smaller companies often cannot afford these tools at all.


A high throughput but affordable lab grade biosensor

The solution

A high throughput but affordable lab grade biosensor

HexagonFab’s award-winning technology is very different from state-of-the-art methods and enables us to offer significantly simpler and more affordable biomolecular interaction analysis. HexagonFab’s Bolt will enable SME biotechs and large pharma to perform measurements in-house, thereby significantly reducing turnaround time, while at the same time providing a universally applicable fast screening tool.

  • Full kinetic data
    Full kinetic data

    Binding, affinity, kinetic data

  • Affordable

    Total ownership costs (instrument, running costs, and maintenance)

  • Simple operation
    Simple operation

    Automated workflow and low hands-on time

The progress

Achieved milestones



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Onboarding into the Deep Immunity Consortium

The Team

Engineering, biology and business minds

Engineering, biology and business minds
Dr. Ruizhi Wang

Founder & Engineering Director

Ruizhi Wang is the Founder of HexagonFab is a start-up company based in Cambridge UK, The mission of HexagonFab is to create instruments that enable scientists to understand how proteins behave and what their properties are, faster, more accurately and more easily than ever before. During his PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, Ruizhi worked on the scalable production of nanomaterials and processes to integrate these into devices such as sensors. The methods that he developed made it possible to create a new generation of nanomaterial-based sensors at industrially relevant scale.

Christoph v. Bieberstein

Founder & Commercial Director

Christoph is co-founder and commercial director of HexagonFab. Before, Christoph was a senior consultant for McKinsey & Company working with a particular focus in market access for new therapeutics and vaccines in developed and emerging markets. Christoph holds a Master’s degree in Strategy and International Management from the University of St.Gallen. During his studies Christoph co-founded the non-profit organisation Liter of Light in Switzerland, the grass-roots solar-bottle movement to bring light to underprivileged communities around the world.

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