Ineffective microbiome data generation

The problem

Ineffective microbiome data generation

Much like genetic research, understanding our microbiome and its more than 100 trillion microbes is essential for continuing to improve human health, development, and immunity. However, while interest in the microbiome is increasing, it has remained largely unexplored due to ineffective technology and high costs of data generation that prevent generation of the large, robust datasets required for scientific discovery.

A Better Approach to Microbiome Data

The solution

A Better Approach to Microbiome Data

BiomeSense has created the first technology to overhaul microbiome data generation & analysis

  1. GutLab At-home Automated Laboratory – The GutLab is a proprietary “smart bathroom” technology for microbiome tracking, combining a user-friendly interface and advanced internal fluidics to produce high-frequency, fully standardized data
  2. MetaBiome Bioinformatics Platform – MetaBiome is an AI-powered microbiome biomarker discovery engine, designed by Rob Knight @ UCSD, that uses advanced signal processing algorithms to enable microbiome analysis far beyond anything possible today.

In an industry first, these solutions form a single comprehensive platform – the GutLab continuously feeds ultra-high-resolution data into MetaBiome’s database where it is analyzed using MetaBiome AI. This platform generates far superior microbiome data than ever before possible, revolutionizing the development of microbiome biomarkers, precision therapeutics, and consumer products.

  • Large-Scale, Time-Series Datasets
    Large-Scale, Time-Series Datasets

    Our novel technology was built from the ground up to make generating dense, time-series microbiome data routine and standardized

  • Cutting-Edge Analytics
    Cutting-Edge Analytics

    Using proprietary, time-series optimized algorithms developed by leading bioinformatics experts, we translate microbiome data into actionable insights

  • Simple, affordable integration into any clinical study
    Simple, affordable integration into any clinical study

    By eliminating expensive manual bottlenecks, our smart technology, in-house lab and end-to-end workflow solution reduce the costs of obtaining microbiome data by up to 90%

The progress

Achieved milestones

Internal Validation Study Launch



Internal Validation Study Launch




GutLab "Alpha" development completed

Seed investment placed



Seed investment placed

The Team

Microbiome KOL meets savvy entrepreneur

Kevin Hoenaker


Kevin is a skilled STEM commercialization leader with more than eight years’ experience in the healthcare space. Prior to joining BiomeSense, Kevin provided strategic and operational leadership as the Director of Operations for a seed-stage pharmacogenomics spinoff from the University of Chicago.

Jack Gilbert


Jack is a global leader in microbiome research and co-founder of both the Earth Microbiome Project and American Gut Project. He has authored more than 300 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters on ecosystem ecology and is the founding editor-in-chief of mSystems, a journal of the American Society of Microbiology.

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