Missing real-time health data

The problem

Missing real-time health data

Massive decentralization of diagnostic testing & physiological monitoring is an urgent, unsolved problem. Rapid methods that can be used to conduct self-testing across the population are critical tools for the management of pandemics, the effective delivery of healthcare to those affected by chronic disease and enabling personal wellness. While at-home testing has become possible for glucose, there are no tools available for most of the other biomarkers of interests.

Universal sensors for rapid, continuous monitoring in biological fluids

The solution

Universal sensors for rapid, continuous monitoring in biological fluids

Based on a novel biosensing approach called the “Molecular Pendulum”, Arma Bioscience has developed a rapid, versatile sensor platform to enable continuous monitoring of a multitude of physiological markers. The Arma platform’s sensing tips are compatible with saliva, blood, urine, sweat, and tears, and can be quickly developed to detect for various health indications. Seerave placed a seed investment into Arma Biosceince with the conviction that their expertise around label-free biosensor technology could be key in enabling wearable biosensors in the future.

  • At-home monitoring
    At-home monitoring

    Enabling patients to conveniently monitor their health at home

  • Early intervention
    Early intervention

    Enabling patients and their health care providers to detect issues early on

  • High precision
    High precision

    Suitable to detect low abundant protein biomarkers within complex liquids such blood

The progress

Achieved milestones



First employee hired



Arma moves into the Banting & Best Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship



Seerave becomes a seed investor

The Team

Experience combined with innovative minds

Shana Kelley

CEO & Co-founder

Shana is a world-renowned developer of technologies for diagnostics and therapeutic development. She is the co-founder of four life sciences startups including Arma Biosciences. Her > 250 scholarly publications have been cited > 25,000 time.

Surath Gomis

Director of RnD & Co-Founder

Surath is an engineer and academic who co-founded Arma Biosciences, developing a platform biosensing technology rooted from his PhD work published in Nature Chemistry. His passion for science is seen in his publications, patents, and in having organised Canada’s foremost science outreach festival, Science Rendezvous.

Hanie Yousefi

Assay Development Lead & Co-Founder

Hanie is a biotech innovator and the co-founder of Arma Biosciences with experience in development of biomedical devices. Focused on combination of surface chemistry, electrochemistry and molecular biology during the past seven years, Hanie has developed multiple patented sensing technologies for food safety, and disease monitoring.

More Information

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