Thomas Vogl

Thomas Vogl obtained a PhD in Molecular Biomedical Sciences in Austria. He was a visiting scientist at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane focusing on genomics. After working in the R&D department of Sandoz (Novartis) on biopharmaceutical production, he moved as a senior postdoc to the Weizmann Institute of Science (group of Prof. Eran Segal). Working on the interface between basic and applied research, Thomas is aiming to unravel interactions of the immune system with the microbiome. As a Seerave Fellow, Thomas is involved in profiling immune responses of cancer patients as well as developing novel COVID-19 diagnostics. Leveraging high throughput antibody repertoire profiling methodologies, they have created a novel high precision diagnostic for the detection of coronavirus (CoV) antibodies. This approach has for the first time revealed extensive cross-reactivity with animal CoVs, suggesting a novel diagnostic strategy for detecting future spillovers to humans.

  • Immunomics
  • Microbiota-immune axis
  • Machine learning