Noa Mandelbaum

Noa is a PhD student in Namma Geva-Zatorsky’s lab, at the faculty of medicine, Technion, Israel. She received her BSc in Biochemical Engineering from the Chemical Engineering faculty at the Technion. She then started her Master’s degree in the Geva-Zatorsky lab and transitioned to the direct PhD tract. Her research project aims to reveal the environmental effects on the immunomodulatory functionality of gut bacteria . Her study combines microbiology and immunology using in vitro high throughput methods and Germ Free mice models. In the Seerave project she studies the mechanistic link between diet, gut bacterial immunomodulatory functionality and cancer. She does so by defining the effects of different carbon sources on bacterial immunomodulatory functionality in vitro, as well as the effects of diets on gut bacteria immunomodulatory functionality in gnotobiotic mice cancer models.

  • Microbiome
  • Gut immunology
  • GF mice models
  • Bacterial metabolites