Michal Rein

Michal Rein is a registered dietitian, specializing in dietary interventions and modifications. Michal has a master in M.sc from the Ben-gurion university of the Negev and is currently a PhD student under the joint supervision of Prof Eran Segal from Weizmann institute ang Prof Shira Zelber-Sagi from the university of Haifa. As a researcher Michal is studying the effect of algorithm based personalized dietary recommendations tailored by the prediction of glycemic responses on the improvement of metabolic parameters and glycemic balance in various populations including healthy individuals, subjects with glucose intolerance and breast cancer survivors. Additionally, Michal is part of an ongoing developmental team studying the association between personal characteristics, food consumption and the emerging area of deep phenotyping and multi-omic data. Specifically on the influences of individual reaction to glucose and other health indicators. Personally, she chose to focus on nutrition thanks to the role it plays in health promotion and disease prevention and trying to invent tasty and easy recipes for her patients and family.

  • Personalized dietary modification based on postprandial targeting diet
  • Randomized clinical trial - design and monitoring
  • Diabetes management