Johannes Björk

Johannes Björk is a computational ecologist specialising in microbiome analysis through the lens of ecological theory. He received his PhD from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona under the supervision of theoretical ecologist José M. Montoya. In his dissertation, Johannes studied the structure and dynamics of the complex sponge-microbe interaction networks. Thereafter, he did a postdoc working on the gut microbiome of wild baboons. In this project, Johannes applied time-series models to better understand the relative contribution of the external environment, social interactions and host demographics in shaping the gut microbiome over time. Johannes is currently a Seerave postdoc working in the group of Rinse Weersma at the University Medical Center Groningen where he applies his unique perspective to increase our understanding of the gut microbiome’s role in ICI treatment to advanced melanoma.

  • Microbiome ecology
  • Longitudinal analysis
  • Multi-omic analysis
  • System biology