Carolina Alves Costa Silva

Carolina Alves Costa Silva is a Ph.D. candidate in Pr. Laurence Zitvogel’s laboratory “Immunologie des tumeurs et immunothérapie contre le cancer”. She did Medical School at Federal University of Bahia, Medical Residency in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology at Sao Paulo University (Brazil). After working as a Medical Oncologist at Oncoclínicas (Brazil), she first came to Gustave Roussy as a DUERTECC fellow at Genitourinary Department (Dr. Laurence Albiges). She is currently investigating the antitumor effects of key metabolites found in Pr. Zitvogel and Pr. Kroemer’s ONCOBIOME cohorts, notably ketoglutarate. She also works in the kidney cancer clinics for the KETOREIN trial.

  • Microbiota
  • Kidney
  • Ileopathy